DME Services of North Florida

Airframe and Powerplant testing and certification

Serving Part 147 School graduates, experienced maintenance technicians, non-US citizens and veterans seeking their A&P certification.


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Professional Airframe Testing Facility

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DME Services of North Florida

FAA authorized Airframe and Powerplant testing facility between Orlando and Tampa located at Winter Haven Regional Airport.

We are open for testing. Enhanced cleaning practices are in place per CDC recommendations for the health, safety, and well-being of our applicants and their families.

Steve Alcorn, DME


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Professional and well-equipped

DME Services of North Florida is a complete testing facility with multiple airplanes and helicopters available for testing and fully-equipped air-conditioned testing areas. All tools, parts, documentation, and supplies are provided.

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We aim to make you comfortable

Lowering the applicant's stress level is essential for a successful testing experience. Everyone at DME Services works to make the applicant comfortable, reduce their stress, and feel welcome.

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We appreciate your business

You are at the beginning of a new phase in your career as an aircraft maintenance professional. We appreciate your interest in using DME Services and allowing us to be part of your taking this significant step in your life.


A & P Testing and Certification

DME Services has one Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME), Steve Alcorn.

Providing A&P Oral and Practical testing and FAA certification since 2013, DME services tests over 200 applicants a year. As an independent, not affiliated with any 147 schools, applicants from all parts of the United States and around the world use our services.

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Scheduling and Oral and Practical Testing Fees

We offer testing times during the week and on weekends. For a full A&P test, we allot one and a half days. For a partial, such as an initial general and powerplant, or retake, we allot a full day starting at 8 am.

We prefer to schedule based on a phone call but will start the discussion based on an email request or online request made from this website. At the time of scheduling, we will advise on the cost and necessary documentation.

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Documentation Requirements for Testing

For US citizens applying based on civil or military experience

  1. Two original 8610-2 forms signed by an FAA inspector
  2. Originals of FAA Knowledge Test results
  3. Government-issued id like a driver's license
  4. Some document showing name and current address.
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Prep Courses

If you feel a need to attend a prep course, there are several in Florida. Please request this information in an email or on a phone call to DME Services.

These courses are usually designed as refresher courses, not as full training courses, and are tailored to preparing the applicant for both the FAA Knowledge Tests and the Oral and Practical tests.

DME Services can advise on contacts for test prep courses. You will need to make arrangements for these courses. The cost of these courses is separate from the fees that DME Services charges.

Transportation and Directions

The closest airport to DME Services for international flights is Orlando International Airport.

If you are coming to the USA by way of Miami, you will need to allow time to get to Winter Haven. You may wish to rent a car and drive the 4 hours to Winter Haven, or you may take a train from Miami to Winter Haven. There are two trains daily going to and from Winter Haven.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAA Tracking Number (FTN) is required effective 1/13/2020 when you take the FAA Knowledge Tests. If you do not have an FTN, go to and 'register'. You will create a profile. Once completed, an FTN will be assigned. This FTN is NOT used for your Oral and Practical testing.